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Together, we will discover the wisdom of your Gene Keys chart, connected with your Sidereal astrology, and unlock the gifts waiting to be revealed.

    • Product: A 50+ page PDF, Google Doc featuring your Gene Keys chart (including your shadows, gifts and siddhis, Dream Arc animals and crystals) and how to interpret/understand these from a contemplative lens.
    • Discover: Remedies and solutions for your Sidereal Astrology chart, including current transits, Nakshatras (lunar mansions) and major planetary influences that may be affecting your life.
    • Benefits: More understanding, self-awareness, acceptance and deeper compassion into key areas of your life, allowing you to transform and reveal the gifts that underpin these challenges. 
    • Strategize:  If you desire a follow-up session, we can schedule a follow-up strategy session to implement Somatic, Empowerment Process, and remedial Yogic techniques to integrate the knowledge, address any further issues or dilemmas you are facing.

60 - 90min | $150 – $200 (duration of session is determined by the client in advance)